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  • Item#: WM61650

20FT-100FT UL Listed Outdoor Extension Cords

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UL Listed Outdoor Extension Cords
Wire Insulation: SJTW
3-Wire Grounded Plug.
Wire Gauge: 16AWG
Capacity: 13AMP.125V. 1625W

Color: Yellow. Orange

Item# 61650 25FT 24PC/Carton
Item# 61660 50FT 12PC/Carton.
Item# 61670 100FT 6PC/Carton.

Item# 61642 20FT 24PC/Carton
Item# 61644 40FT 12PC/Carton.
Item# 61646 80FT 6PC/Carton.

Packed: With Color Sleeve

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